ERPMax for Healthcare Industry

The business requirements of ERP software in the healthcare industry is no different than the requirements in other industries.

Healthcare providers across the globe are hard-pressed to achieve twin objective: quality patient care and significant cost reduction. A system like ERPMax helps healthcare institutions to improve the accessibility and quality of patient care. It also helps minimizes clinical errors and increase healthcare providers’ productivity.

Features of ERPMax Healthcare

ERPMax Healthcare helps you manage your Clinic or Practice efficiently by scheduling Appointments and recording Patient Encounters (Consultations). You can easily pull out a Patient's Health Record anytime to review all the history of treatments assisting you in providing effective, high quality care.

Patients can view various documents relevant to them and book Appointments via the ERPMax Portal . The healthcare module is integrated with Accounts and Human Resources modules, helping you in Billing , Payroll Management etc. and benefit from other rich features of ERPMax.

You can configure the Selling and Stock modules to manage your Pharmacy.

ERPMax Healthcare also includes features for effectively managing the functions of an associated Laboratory by helping you record Sample Collection , emailing and printing Lab Test results etc.

Benefits of Using ERPMax in Healthcare

Better Patient Care:

ERPMax helps healthcare providers to provide the patients with remote access to crucial databases and reports. This also helps the patients to make informed and prompt decision regarding treatment. It makes planning subsequent tests and medical procedures easier.

Reduces Operational Cost:

Implementing ERPMax can result in process efficiencies. ERPMax brings various functions, such as accounts, finance, human resources under one common database. It helps to optimize different back-end operations such as payroll management, accounts management and inventory management.

Streamline Healthcare Processes:

This is achieved by integrating core services such as patient registration, managing electronic medical records, radiology department, OPD and emergency.

Financial Planning:

ERPMax ensures payments from various managed care providers are reasonable, leading to a win-win situation for providers and payers. This also helps in maintaining profitability in healthcare institutions along with affordable patient care.

Patient Safety:

ERPMax enables healthcare providers enhance safety by making the communication between the clinicians and patients transparent.