Multi-Channel Retail Approach

ERPMax allows you to take an open approach to all-channel retail management.

Utilize the CRM module in ERPMax to drive business, regardless of where the transaction takes place, on the web, mobile, or in-store.

Utilize a seamlessness that can truly benefit both your business and your customers.

Sales Campaign Creation & Management: back office promotion

Promotions are designed to inform, persuade, or remind the market of your firm and its products and ultimately influence consumer behavior. ERPMax contains the tools needed to manage this influential aspect of your business and get a clearer picture of what campaigns are most effective. Transform your Retail POS to a powerful customer retention tool & attract new clientele.

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Retail Inventory Management

Things coming in, things going out, and all in the speed of light. Having a hard time keeping up with your inventory demands? Allow ERPMax to automate this process for you. Define min/max levels and forecast orders based on sales history using our revolutionary Stock replenishment feature. Take the guesswork out of ordering from your suppliers.

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Multi-Location and Retail Chain Management

Looking to open another location? Simply add a new branch and you are done. As you grow ERPMax grows with you! Specializing in accommodating chains and franchises, ERPMax is scalable from 1- 100’s of locations.

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Customer Retention

Get to know your customers! Our Retail CRM allows for sales history tracking, email receipt capability, as well as customer grouping. Use our fully functional Retail CRM to capture important customer data. Send out email alerts to customers about special sales or upcoming events.

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Centralized Price List Management

Another feature created to make managements life easier. Create as many price lists as you would like from your one inventory catalogue in the system. Price lists can be associated with time periods, customer groups, or product groups, and can be turned on and off for easy re-use in the future.

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Robust Cross Chain Reporting

ERPMaxś powerful reporting module translates all of your transactional data into clear, concise reports that measure sales performance. But reports do not stop at sales; ERPMax contains a wide array of pre-built reports for Retail Stores, Point of Sale, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, Employees and more. Use these standard reports to monitor performance and make smarter decisions, all of which are exportable for manipulation. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Use our custom report builder to build your own.

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Employee Time Clock & Commissions

ERPMax provides the tools to improve security by outlining specifically what each User can access in the system reducing fraud & losses. Give limits to the amount of discount each employee can give at the register, and award commissions to the deal closer. Increase productivity by establishing sales targets for stores and individual employees that can be compared to sales performance reports in ERPMax providing you the tools to manage commissions and reward employees based on performance.

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Constant Innovation

One of the SaaS model’s greatest advantages is its ability to provide customers with automatic, consistent upgrades to the system. However what good are automatic updates if the offerings are not innovative? At ERPMax our development team focuses on adding tools that promote growth and retention. Leave the market research up to us; it is what we do best.

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Inventory backend features for Retail Operations

  • Min/Max ordering
  • Automated stock replenishment
  • Multiple price lists support
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Fully featured Supplier Purchasing & Receiving
  • Flexible attribute support
  • Matrix products
  • Across company stock visibility
  • Supplier database

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Management and Head Office Features

  • Employee time-clock
  • Employee commissions tracking
  • Employee task assignment
  • Centralized employee metric tracking
  • Configurable user rights
  • Store grouping
  • Store specific pricing support
  • Store level drill down reporting
  • Custom report generator
  • Supplier purchasing analytics

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